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Household Preparedness

Division Preparedness

Neighborhood Preparedness







Teams & Divisions

Group Leadership Council

Planner/Organizer: [open]
Cache Maintenance Supervisor: Todd Snow
Webmaster/Listserv Administrator: Daniella Thompson
Treasurer/Community Liaison: Tom Trippe
Drillmaster/ICS Web Tool Administrator: Tom Umeda

The chart below shows organizational structure during an emergency or a drill.
Click on the chart to see a larger image.


Click on the team names below to see each team’s responsibilities and the recommended CERT classes for team members. To sign up for a team, contact Tom Umeda.

Members: Kirsten Berg, Yvonne Burgess, Liz Colt, Molly Fraker, Derik Landry, Sue Londerville, Barbara Lundburg, Larry Ormsby, Mike Parker, Ruth Rosen, Todd Snow, Daniella Thompson, Tom Trippe

Captain: Leo Simon/Vice-Captain/Radio Operator: Logan Sale
Members: Daniella Thompson, Tom Trippe

Damage Assessment/Light Search & Rescue
Captain: [open]/Vice-Captain: [open]
Members: Mary Clemency, Harrison Fraker, Michael Gillespie, Barbara Lundburg, Mike McDonnell, Mike Parker, Jim Sharp, Tom Umeda

Fire Suppression
Captain: Jane Metcalfe/Vice-Captain: Shamik Dasgupta
Members: Liz Hasse, Joel ben Izzy, Phil Colella, Carol Isen, Don Mullen, Patrick Schork, Todd Snow, Tom Trippe

First Aid/Medical
Captain: Christopher Murlas/Vice-Captain: Wendel Brunner
Members: Anna Berger, Sue Clark, Mary Clemency, Liz Colt, Steve Donelan, Dick Jackson, Pia Lodberg, Sue Londerville, Ann Parker, Suzi Peterson, Carol Petiet, Jan Robitcher, Fran Segal, Alan Sher, Susan Signaigo

Shelter Operations/Logistics
Captain: Kirsten Berg/Vice-Captain: [open]
Members: Clifford Block, Gladys Block, Jeannie de Vries


Division A (North)
Captain: Michael Gillespie/Vice-Captain: Kirsten Berg
Block A1 Captain: Derik Landry/Vice-Captain: [open]
Block A2 Captain: [open]/Vice-Captain: Marilyn Wong
Block A3 Captain: Molly Fraker/Vice-Captain: Mimi Leinbach

Division B (East)
Captain: [open]/Vice-Captain: [open]
Block B1 Captain: [open]/Vice-Captain: [open]
Block B2 Captain: [open]/Vice-Captain: [open]
Block B3 Captains: Jenny & Perry Zentner/Vice-Captain: Jane Metcalfe

Division C (West)
Captain: [open]/Vice-Captain: Todd Snow
Block C1 Captain: Barbara Lundburg/Vice-Captain: Susan Signaigo
Block C2 Captain: Todd Snow/Vice-Captain: Carole Petiet
Block C3 Captain: [open]/Vice-Captain: Mike McDonnell