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Shelter Operations/Logistics Team


Before the Disaster
  1. Take the Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) Shelter Operations class.
  2. Identify households willing to shelter the homeless.
  3. Urge neighbors to have a shelter kit, which includes items to be used in case they need to go to a shelter.
  4. Have a meeting and present some of the things learned in the CERT class.
  5. Catalogue and maintain the Cache’s contents; make recommendations for obtaining additional items should they be needed.
After the Disaster
  1. Identify households able to shelter the homeless.
  2. Organize transfer to shelters of people who remain in the area, but cannot remain in their home.
  3. Ensure that each child and elder has an assigned caretaker.

Recommended CERT classes
Basic Personal Preparedness, Shelter Operations

Designated assembly points
  • Neil home, 1675 La Loma Avenue (primary)
  • Burgess home, 1616 La Vereda Road (backup)

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