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Damage Assessment/Light Search & Rescue Team


Before the Disaster
  1. Take the Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) class in Search & Rescue.
  2. Share information from CERT Search & Rescue class with your group at a meeting.
  3. Walk possible evacuation routes and make maps.
  4. Locate resources: ladders, etc.
  5. Walk around the neighborhood and familiarize yourself with homes, possible problems, and hazards.
  6. Know your neighbors and those who may need help.
After the Disaster
  1. Assess the situation.
  2. Identify problems and develop teams to solve problems.
  3. If someone is trapped and you can rescue them safely, do so.
  4. Identify unsafe buildings, evacuate people, and tag the outside of the building as unsafe to occupy.
  5. Continue to reassess the situation as aftershocks change or worsen conditions.
  6. Help set up alternate shelters, latrines, or sanitation systems and help with community needs.
  7. Clear the road for emergency vehicles, remove fallen trees and debris.
  8. Plan neighborhood security measures.

Recommended CERT classes
Basic Personal Preparedness, Disaster First Aid, Light Search & Rescue, Fire Suppression

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