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Household Preparedness

Fire Safety
Presentation by Tom Trippe at the 2015 Emergency Exercise. [pdf, 17 October 2015]

Water Storage & Purification
Presentation by Daniella Thompson at the 2015 Emergency Exercise. [pdf, 17 October 2015]

Emergency Evacuation
Presentation by Tom Umeda for the 2015 Emergency Exercise. [pdf, 17 October 2015]

Shutting off the Gas
Find out how and when to shut off your household gas.

How to Reset Your Automatic Gas Shut-off Valve
Instructions for several types of valves, provided by Todd Snow. [pdf, 13 April 2009]

Recommended Household Emergency Supplies
A list of emergency supplies recommended by the Northside EmPrep Medical Team. [pdf, April 2013]

Emergency Preparedness Supply List
Our group’s list of items you’ll need for survival immediately after a disaster. [pdf, Jan. 2007]
The City of Berkeley’s gateway to a variety of emergency preparedness and safety information.

Basic Disaster Preparedness
A quick manual from City of Berkeley, explaining what to do in an earthquake, wildfire, pandemic flu, and how to get ready for disaster. [pdf]

The Disaster Preparedness Handbook
A comprehensive manual from City of Berkeley’s Office of Emergency Services. [pdf, 10.8 MB]

Creating Your Family’s Personal Disaster Plan
This guide from the City of Berkeley tells you what to do before, during, and immediately after a disaster.

Quick-Start Guide
Disaster preparedness starts at home, and you can get started right now with this guide.

Home Safety Guide
This guide from the City of Berkeley combines an emergency preparedness check list with advice on emergency survival. Download it and enter your relevant information. [MS Word]

Emergency Report Form
This downloadable form allows you to record the most important information on one page, then save copies in strategic places around your home and with neighbors. [pdf]

Skills & Equipment Checklist
Tell the preparedness team about special skills or equipment you could offer to help the neighborhood after a disaster. Download the Skills & Equipment checklist here, fill it out, and give it to your section captain or disaster coordinator. [pdf]

Water Treatment Methods
Water quickly becomes a top priority. Discover all your water options (courtesy of Jeff Kowalski). [pdf]

EBMUD Emergency Preparedness Information

Using a Fire Extinguisher
Simple steps to proper use in case of a small fire in your home.

Fire Extinguisher Video
Demonstration and rules of using a fire extinguisher.

The Truth About Seismic Gas Shut-Off Valves
In this Daily Planet article, Matt Cantor demystifies automatic shut-off valves and suggests which ones to get and where to obtain them.

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Links to Other Resources
A list of resources that can help you prepare at home, work, school, and in your car.