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How to shut off the gas

If you smell gas or see your gas meter spinning rapidly, you need to shut off your gas valve.

If you do not smell gas and your gas meter is not spinning rapidly, do not shut off your gas valve.

If you shut off your gas valve unnecessarily, your pilot lights will go out. If you then turn your valve on again, your pilot lights will remain unlit, and gas from them will become a fire hazard.

Be sure that every adult resident of your house knows how and when to shut off your gas valve.

Most homes have a manual gas shutoff valve in the gas line next to the outside gas meter. Manual valves look like this:

If your valve is manual, store a wrench suitable for switching the valve next to it.

If you are concerned that someone might take your gas-valve wrench, you may wish to bury it underneath the gas meter.

Some homes have an automatic gas shutoff valve that shuts off in case of a significant ground motion. If your valve is automatic, be sure you know how to switch it off and on manually.


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