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Before the Disaster
  1. Take the Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) Disaster First Aid class.
  2. Identify and maintain a listing of residents who have medical skills and/or medical needs.
  3. Collect various medical appliances such as crutches, slings, etc. in a community kit.
  4. Urge neighbors to have a good first-aid kit.
  5. Have a meeting and present some of the skills you learned in the CERT class.
After the Disaster
  1. Go to the designated assembly point and form teams to provide first aid to those needing assistance.
  2. If injured people are not safe at home, decide where they can be moved and, if possible, move them.
  3. Tag everyone you assist and keep records of what was wrong, what you did, any change in condition, and any medication administered. If the person is sent to a First Aid station or Casualty Collection Point, be sure a record accompanies the patient.
  4. Provide encouragement and support to those traumatized by the event.
  5. Establish safe sanitary conditions, such as latrines or port-a-potty placement, maintenance, and use.

Recommended CERT classes
Basic Personal Preparedness, Disaster First Aid, Disaster Mental Health

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