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What to do in an Earthquake

  1. Duck
    Cover your head, duck down, get away from windows or tall objects (bookcases, shelves etc.).
  2. Cover
    Get under a desk, table, or solid object to protect yourself from falling debris.
  3. Hold
    Hold onto a table leg or anything solid until the shaking stops.

After the shaking stops:

Priority 1. Are you and your family all right?

  • Everyone’s first responsibility is to check their own family and home.

  • If everyone is alive, uninjured, and able to exit the house, put out a white cloth or sheet that will be visible from the street, to let your Block Captain know that immediate help is not needed.

Priority 2. Get together and in touch

  • All standing Team Captains should immediately report to the Incident Command Center (ICC), 1546 La Loma Avenue. If this location is unusable, go to the backup HQ at 1675 La Loma Avenue (between Virginia and Hilgard).

  • Division and Block Captains should meet at their respective Division Assembly Points.

Anyone without a previous assignment or responsibility should go to his/her Division Assembly Point:

Priority 3. Deploy the Incident Command System (ICS) & Response Teams

Critical roles are filled as people become available. Whoever gets to the ICC first, takes on the role of the Incident Commander (IC); second to arrive steps in as the Communications Specialist. As additional people arrive, the IC continues to assign or reassign roles (including the IC role itself) to make use of the most qualified people.

Refer to the ICC Role Cards for instructions. All members should be aware of Response Team duties and be prepared to pitch in. For further instructions, see our Emergency Response Plan and ICS Tool.