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22 January 2011 Drill

10:06 Neighbors receive instructions at Division C assembly point.

10:09 Neighbors receive instructions at Division A assembly point.

10:13 Volunteers at the Incident Command center.

10:20 Runners deliver reports to the Incident Command center.

10:40 Observers from other neighborhood groups.

10:41 All incidents reported and teams dispatched.

11:06 A trapped victim with a crushed leg awaits rescue.

11:10 The medical team checks the victim for vital signs.

11:10 The search & rescue team goes to work with crowbars and cribbing.

11:12 Raising the obstacle with cribbing.

11:14 Employing the crowbar to allow space for more cribbing.

11:14 Inserting additional cribbing.

11:15 Releasing the crowbar.

11:17 The crushing load is off the victim.

11:18 The victim is ready to be pulled out.

11:19 The medical team pulls the victim out.

11:20 The victim is ready for treatment.

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