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Before the Disaster
  1. Set up a website and an e-mail listserv to facilitate information dissemination and member communications.
  2. Plan how and where to set up a post-disaster status bulletin board. The bulletin board may be made beforehand (see sample below). Alternatively, we may merely designate an area where information will be posted (e.g., a garage door) and use what’s on hand at the time.
  3. Locate one or two phones (include a cellular phone) that may be used in an emergency. Phones may not be working immediately after the event but, by designating two phones to use for the block, we will save circuits and help clear the line. Designate one phone to call out of the area. Identify one phone number to receive all incoming calls.
  4. Locate the nearest public pay phone for our neighborhood. Public pay phones will return to service first. This will help neighbors call their emergency contacts.
  5. Identify amateur radio operators, CB operators, cellular phones, etc.
After the Disaster
  1. Establish a bulletin board, post information about who needs help, who was sent to do what, and what happened. Note the time and date.
  2. Monitor commercial radio stations and post conditions for neighbors.
  3. Set up an emergency communications system via walkie-talkies.
  4. As time goes on, keep track of people who leave the area, where they are going, when they will return, and how to contact them.
  5. Amateur radio operators will be available at the fire stations and can pass neighborhood assessments to the City’s Emergency Operations Center. Send written assessment by hand to the local fire station. Identify people who can serve as runners to deliver these messages.

Sample Bulletin Board

AddressStatus ProblemActionComments
110 Main Okay Need help with utilities Gene Brown/Bill Wiley went 2:10 Okay
102 Main No white flag Uncertain SR went to see 2:10  
104 Main Okay    
106 Main Rosa alone Needs help with utilities Gene Brown/Bill Wiley went 2:20 Okay
108 Main Okay      
113 Main Okay      
111 Main No one home Utilities Team sent/Done House okay

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