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Administration/Coordination Team

The membership of this team comprises the Captains and Vice-Captains of all the other teams, as well as Division Leaders, Block Captains, and others who contribute to the administration and coordination.


Before the Disaster
  1. Organize the group, call the meetings, and keep track of the lists.
  2. Make a list of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the members. Make certain that a map indicating utility shutoffs for gas, electricity, water and water spigots has been established.
  3. Make a list of equipment, who has what, and where it is stored.
  4. Create an evacuation plan, inform any new members of the plan, and add new members to the list.
  5. Organize at least two meetings a year to build neighborhood ties and increase skills.
After the Disaster
  1. Go to the designated assembly points* and begin assessment.
  2. Organize response by forming teams and keeping track of assignments.
  3. Be sure the Damage Assessment Survey is sent to the fire station.
  4. Maintain a status report and help the neighborhood communicator.

Recommended CERT classes
Basic Personal Preparedness

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